AcneCure is the first Acne Center in the country.


It aims to be the leader in the treatment of acne and all its related conditions. It provides patients with the latest and the best scientific home care regimen and procedures for the treatment of acne, acne scars, and other complications of acne and acne-related skin disorders. It also treats other dermatological disorders.


The AcneCure Clinics have some of the most talented dermatologists in the country. 

With their experience and knowledge regarding the industry's leading techniques and medicines, AcneCure is equipped to handle any of your skin care needs.

The AcneCure Clinics currently have three branches in the Philippines.

Below are the schedules of our doctors for each of the branches.

AcneCure BF Homes

Mondays:                                 4pm to 7pm - Dr. Oblepias

Wednesdays:                            3pm to 6pm - Dr. Oblepias

Thursdays:                                3pm to 5pm - Dr. Montaño

Fridays:                                    1pm to 3pm - Dr. Escalada

Saturdays:                               12pm to 3pm - Dr. Escalada

                                              3pm to 5pm - Dr. Oblepias


Every 2nd and 4th Sundays:          2pm to 5pm - Dr. Borbon

AcneCure Westgate

Mondays:                                 3pm to 5pm - Dr. Montaño

Tuesdays:                                 5pm to 7pm - Dr. Oblepias

Wednesdays:                            1pm to 4pm - Dr. Masa

Thursdays:                                5pm to 7pm - Dr. Oblepias

Fridays:                                   5pm to 7pm - Dr. Oblepias

Every 2nd and 4th Saturdays:        4pm to 6pm - Dr. Borbon

Every 4th and 5th Sundays:           2pm to 5pm - Dr. Dizon

AcneCure Evia

Mondays:                                 No Doctor

Tuesdays:                                 2pm to 4pm - Dr. Oblepias

Wednesdays:                            4pm to 6pm - Dr. Montaño

Thursdays:                                2pm to 5pm - Dr. Lim

Fridays:                                   2pm to 4pm - Dr. Oblepias

Saturdays:                              12pm to 2pm - Dr. David - Tan

                                              6pm to 8pm - Dr. Oblepias


Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays:    2pm to 6pm - Dr. Marcelino

For more information, please contact our branches here.