Basic Corrective Package

This package is for patients with pimples (mild to severe). The package consists of 7 Dermatologic Consultations, 6 Facial Treatments, and a starter kit with all the medicines you need.


This is an intensive program designed to remove your pimples fast by incorporating the latest medical treatments for your acne. These procedures are also designed to heal your pimples fast.


For best results, the patient should follow the designed appointment dates for the consultations and take the medicines given by our dermatologists.


This program should be consumed in 6 months or remaining consultations and treatments will be forfeited. This is best followed by the Scarfade program to remove the scars left by acne.

Package Includes:


14 weeks (4 Month) Treatment Program

7 Dermatological Consultations

1 AcneCure Signature Facial

3 AcneCure Signature Facial with GSD or Spot Peel

2 Diamond Peels


Medicinal Starter Set:

Skinceutique Tea Tree Leaf Soap

Corrective Toner (50ml)

Acne Spot Gel

Tinted Drying Lotion (50ml)