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HYDRAtouch Treatment: Revitalize Your Skin With the Help of Water!

In skincare, water has been used to cleanse and detoxify our skin. By drinking enough water, we can ensure that our skin stays healthy and hydrated. That seems a little basic, right? Well, water is also incorporated into many procedures in treating the skin. One of these procedures is hydrodermabrasion.

Hydrodermabrasion will help revitalize your skin by removing dirt and impurities while rehydrating your skin. This procedure also uses a specially designed device to provide essential nutrients to your skin. The process also stimulates your skin to restore its elasticity. Hydrodermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that delivers immediate results without discomfort or irritation. Because the procedure uses hydrogenm water jets instead of crystals, the procedure is more delicate to the skin. This is perfect for sensitive skin!

So, what are the steps in a hydrodermabrasion treatment?

The first part of the hydrodermabrasion is the removal of dirt and impurities, such as dead skin, and unclogging of the pores. The aesthetician will use the specially made hydrofacial tip to clean your skin.. Along with the first hydrogen water solution, the hydrofacial tip uses water jets to break up the debris. The debris then gets suctioned away by the machine. This is all done without any harmful or irritating exfoliation. This will be done one to two times to fully clean the face. After the first hydrogen water solution deep cleans your skin, the second solution will be used to deeply rehydrate your skin.

The next part is the infusion of hydrogen water into the skin. Using the hydrofacial tip, the aesthetician will apply a hydrogen water solution on the skin, The hydrofacial tip will stimulate the skin to absorb the solution. The hydrogen water will react with the active oxygen in the skin. The reaction turns the active oxygen, which dries out and ages skin, into water to rehydrate the skin even more. Because of this reaction, your skin will look younger and be revitalized!

To aid in the absorption of the hydrogen water solution, the aethetician will then use electroporation handpiece to stimulate the pores of your skin. This step will temporarily cause your pores to open so that the solution can penetrate deep into your skin. After the electroporation, your pores will close up to prevent dirt from clogging them.

The last part of your hydrofacial is the massaging of your skin. Using the dual-lift tip of the hydrofacial, the aesthetician will massage your skin to stimulate your skin. This will relax the muscles and boost blood circulation which, in turn, will help spread the essential nutrients throughout your skin!

The hydrofacial gives numerous benefits to your skin! But remember, it is always best to consult with a doctor to determine the perfect treatment for you. Visit one of our branches and try out our hydrofacial now!

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