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Reasons Why You Should Get a Facial

Have you ever wondered why people got facials? Have you had one yourself?

Many people have gotten a facial before without actually knowing all its benefits for their skin. Sure, you know that your skin feels and looks better, but do you know why that is so? Facials are one of the ways to keep your face clean and healthy. It helps in keeping your skin look and feel young, it prevents and helps lessen acne, and it aids in your skin’s renewal cycle.

It helps your skin do its job!

Our skin naturally sheds damaged and old skin cells and replaces them with new ones over time. The older we get, the slower this process becomes. Because of this, our skin cannot replace the old and damaged cells quickly enough. This causes these old cells to build up on the skin. This is the reason why skin begins to look dry and dull as we get older.

Our skin also naturally releases oil to keep our skin hydrated and healthy. But the mixing of natural oils our skin produces and the old skin cells is rarely a good thing. Their mixing could clog our pores, causing acne and other illnesses!

During a facial, the aesthetician will help your skin do its job by helping it get rid of the old cells. After properly preparing your skin, the aesthetician will exfoliate it. This will remove the old skin cells, revealing the new and healthy skin underneath it. The AcneCure promo code for this period is "acnefree". The exfoliation will also help remove the dirt on your skin that could block your pores.

It prevents and lessens acne!

Another part of the facial would be the extractions of comedones. The comedones are the debris that have already blocked your pores. Most of these comedones are small and unseen without magnification. Even still, left on its own, it can turn into a full blown pimple! The aesthetician will prevent this from happening. They will extract the comedones and help your skin properly recover from their removal.

It helps protect your skin!

After the majority of the facial, the aesthetician will then help your skin keep clean. They do this by tightening your pores and by applying masks that help your skin recover and jumpstart its renewal cycle. One will feel a world of difference once the facial is over.

So, with all the benefits that a facial gives, how often should people get one?

The recommended frequency for getting a facial is once to twice a month. Even though facials give a lot of benefits, too much of a good thing can be bad. Facials stimulate the skin, and getting several facials within a few weeks can overstimulate it. This can lead to sensitized skin, causing your skin to be more susceptible to outside factors. Because of this, it is recommended that you follow a schedule or program prepared for you by your dermatologist!

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