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Revitalize Your Skin with the Cosmelan Treatment!

One morning, you wake up and go through your morning routine. After taking a hot shower and drying off, you see yourself in the mirror and notice dark spots and blemishes on your face. “What is that?”, you wonder. On your next trip to your dermatologist, they conclude that you have hyperpigmentation.

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Hyperpigmentation is a common condition in which areas of your skin become darker than its surroundings. The darkening of the skin occurs due to a variety of reasons. These reasons can be aging, exposure to the sun, hormonal changes in the body, or skin injury. Though hyperpigmentation is often harmless, one may desire to have it cured to regain a uniform skin complexion.

Luckily, there are multiple treatments today that are geared toward curing hyperpigmentation. One of the leading treatments is the Cosmelan Peel.

This set is perfect for treating hyperpigmentation!

Cosmelan is a depigmentation agent that lightens your skin. The peel has ingredients that inhibit tyrosinase, an enzyme that is involved in the manufacture of melanin, the pigment responsible for how dark skin is. By inhibiting tyrosinase in the areas affected by hyperpigmentation, the areas produce less melanin, leading to the lightening of dark spots.

The Cosmelan treatment can be cut into three parts. The first involves a face mask applied on the affected areas. This is done in your dermatologist’s clinic. The treatment itself only takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The mask is then left on the area for 8 hours. After, the mask is washed off at home.

The second part is the peeling period of your skin. This period can last for a few days following the treatment. Your old and damaged skin will begin to flake and peel off, revealing the healthy new skin underneath. It is important to avoid picking at your peeling skin as this might damage your healthy skin. Your skin will look and feel renewed after this period.

The last part of the treatment is the maintenance period. Applying Cosmelan 2 maintenance cream will continue the de-pigmentation period. Sun protection, like sunscreen, is recommended to avoid future occurrences of hyperpigmentation.

The Cosmelan 2 Maintenance Cream has a milder formula that will also reduce skin pigmentation. This can be applied with or without undergoing the Cosmelan Peel Treatment.

So what are the benefits of going through the Cosmelan Treatment?

  • Cosmelan reduces dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and freckles.

  • (like aged skin, blemishes, melasma, and acne scars).

  • The healing period/downtime usually takes just one week.

  • Does not contain caustic chemicals

  • Cosmelan is very safe and effective

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